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Lecture Files

Lectures from City and the Law, Spring Semester 2013

1-reality vs perception – An introduction lecture on the relationship between the perception we have of the city, and the decisions we make regarding cities, and the reality of the impact those decisions have on our cities.

2-land history – A lecture on the history of the way we have addressed the surveying, buying and selling, and development of land.

3-regulation intro – A lecture introducing the role of regulations in the development of cities.

4-ny 1811+1916+1924+enabling acts – A lecture describing the history of the development of New York, through the 1920’s.

5-euclid vs. ambler – A lecture on the Supreme Court Case, Euclid v Ambler, the impact it had on cities, and how we misinterpret the decision today.

6-atlanta 1929+1954 – A lecture on the early regulations in Atlanta, as a model for suburban development in the US.

7-ny 1961 – A lecture on the City of New York 1961 Zoning Code and the significant impact it had on development of cities.

8-subdivision – A lecture on the role of subdivision regulation in the development of cities.

9-context – A lecture on the role of context in the development of cities and the way it is misused.

10-variable zoning – A lecture on alternative zoning through the use of performance criteria in lieu of the traditional threshold methods.  Also, a way of setting more objective criteria for making decisions during the public review process.

General Lectures and Presentations

160329-APA Convention-The Master Street Plan – A lecture and brief history on the value of the master street plan in the design and development of cities and the regulations that affect the outcome.

150711-UKSPA Research Micro Cities – A presentation describing a brief history of research parks in the United States and project examples of various alternatives to the research park typology.

150211-Res Publica-Research and Health Districts – A presentation outlining the logic behind research districts and health districts; a beneficial way to capitalize on institutional development as drives of city development and redevelopment.

141024-Savannah College of Art Lecture Series – A presentation in the SCAD lecture series on the relationship between data (big data) and design.

121011-Urban Land Institute – The Role of Government – A presentation outlining the regulatory impact on the way cities are designed and developed.

120920-Association of University Research Parks – A presentation describing a methodology for planning for flexible and trackable infrastructure in research districts.

120921-Congress for the New Urbanism-Healthy Communities – A presentation outlining the history of health and its relationship to city planning and ideas about how future planning might incorporate more aspects of health in the planning process.

120912-Savannah College of Art Lecture Series – A presentation in the SCAD lecture series on the idea of Constitutional Ecology, the relationship between the law and the natural environment.

120726-National Science Foundation Presentation – A presentation outlining the potential for a more scientific methodology for designing, tracking, evaluating and addressing outcomes of planning and urban design.

110210-Georgia Department of Community Affairs – A presentation to the State of Georgia on the challenges with the structure of the Comprehensive Development Plan system.

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